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Crop Inputs

Bulk Fertlizer: McRae Holdings offers a full range of dry and liquid fertilizers that can meet your crops nutritional needs. Our facilities carry macro, intermediary and micro nutrients. We are able to custom fit a blend of products to best suit your crop type or individual field.
Our product line includes, but not limited to:
Urea (46-0-0 | Urease Inhibitors)
Phosphorus (16-20-0-13 | 11-52-0 | 12-40-0)
Potassium (0-0-60 | 0-0-52-17 | 0-0-22-22-11)
Sulfur (0-0-0-85)
Calcium (Calcium Carbonate | Calcium Sulfate)
Micro Nutrients (Boron | Copper | Zinc | Manganese | Magnesium)
Liquid Fertilizer (PhosFX | 11-0-0 | 28-0-0)

Custom Blending: All of our fertilizer products can be blended at our plant locations. Customizing balanced nutritional packages for your farm have never been easier. You can have blends tailored to crops or even individual fields.

Custom Application: We can offer custom floating of our dry fertilizer products from our state of the art equipment. Spin spreader rentals are also available.

Forage Seed: We are an authorized Pickseed retailer, in which their brands are backed by trusted and proven reputation for quality and commitment to research and technology. They carry variety of alfalfa, legumes and grasses with the ability to blend custom forage mixtures.

Seed Primers: Not all seed contains the nutrients required for maximum germination and emergence. Priming your seed helps to balance the key elements within and promote the development of strong seedlings.

Custom Garden Nutrition: Our goal is to work with you in producing the most nutritious, healthy produce possible. We can do this through the science of soil health and the use of superior quality products.

Lawn Fertilizer: Not only do we carry bulk fertilizer, but we also accommodate to the urban folk. We provide specialty spring and fall fertilizer mixtures for your lawn as well as blends for your gardens and flower beds.